Sigma Risk Management

330 Townsend St, San Francisco, CA 94107
P: +1 415 267 0907
Focus: insurance, risk management, operational risk, risk assessment, risk analysis, energy, insurance, petrochemical risk, risk engineering, claims management, business interruption risk, business interruption insurance, business interruption claims, large property insurance claims, self insurance, appraisal, oil, independent risk management consultants, insurance consultants, actuarial analysis, loss forecasting, captive, captive insurance subsidiaries, earthquake risk, hurricane risk, ISO 9000, insurance tender, insurance audit, integrated risk management, airport risk management, Caribbean risk, contract risk, well control risk, well control insurance, operations extra expense, Sigma risk management, sigma risk international, management consultants, Caribbean, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Buenos Aires, Argentina, France, England, United Kingdom, UK, San Francisco, United States
Main: Sigma Risk Management, a risk and insurance management consulting firm
Additional: Sigma Risk Management: risk & insurance management consulting firm offering advice in operational risk analysis, risk management, OIL, captives, insurance & claims to lenders, energy & corporate clients.
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